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BulkSMS: How Can I Save Numbers/Contacts On Bulk SMS App Or Website (Screenshots)?

How can I save my contacts on your bulk sms app or website?

Step 1.

Create a group, click “Create New List” to name your contact list. Or copy into your browser. Step 2. Click Import Numbers or There are 2 options: PASTE NUMBERS OR UPLOAD EXCEL FILE To add bulk numbers, click Import Numbers or and paste the numbers into the INSERT NUMBERS section and import List into the NEW LIST you created. The numbers must be either in 234803 or 0803 formats and separated by a comma only. Example: 08185784118,08185784118   If you have an excel file with the contacts, you can upload the EXCEL FILE (in CSV Comma Delimited format) containing your contacts. Select the LIST and Import. Ensure your Excel file is filled exactly like the image below. Then Save As> Select CSV (Comma delimited)> Then Save. bulk sms nigria Step 3. The Recipients’ Box on Compose page sorts out duplicates: If you have your numbers typed out in a word doc or notepad, you can copy and PASTE into the RECIPIENTS’ BOX. bulk sms phonebook Send SMS to DND (Do Not Disturb) numbers especially MTN numbers. Check Priority Route to override DND on MTN numbers. Buy Bulk SMS through mobile transfer or bank payment Account Name: LORDANDI SOLUTIONSCORP GTBank 0050933658 FirstBank 2025330474 Zenith 1013623868 Diamond 0057723432 Fill Email as Depositor's name (cash deposit) or Remark/Narration (mobile transfer).

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