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Prepclass Raise Big Funding using Bulk SMS.

Prepclass, Nigeria's foremost online academic solution provider, just won a massive Raise in funding and have received millions of naira in grant before now. The Online tutoring company have been using our API on MultiTexter for their SMS instant notifications. Their effectiveness couldn't have been possible without the use of a perfect SMS gateway that delivers SMS instantly. Here is how Prepclass works: They connect new registrants (individuals/parents) with professional tutors by sending them an instant notification their phones as a text message, knowing too well that SMS is a faster than email. Without an efficient and working SMS platform, which overrides DND(Do Not Disturb) service on GSM networks, Prepclass' operation scheme could have sabotaged their recent fundraising. Are you wondering how you can also use this MultiTexter for your instant SMS notifications or sign-up verifications? Simply follow these 3 steps; Step 1: Open a free bulk SMS account by clicking here Step 2: Buy bulk SMS units. Bank deposit, mobile transfer or pay online with your debit card/credit card. Click Bulk SMS Pack for pricing. Account Name: LORDANDI SOLUTIONSCORP Diamond 0057723432 Zenith 1013623868 GTBank 0050933658 First Bank 2025330474 Use Email as Depositor or Remark (bank mobile app) Step 3: Submit your payment details here or Text 08185784118 with your payment details so your account can be credited. Compose your message, Fill in your Sender Name and Recipients' numbers. Download our API here and integrate into your website or mobile apps. Please get a developer to help you with the bulk SMS API. [caption id="attachment_3517" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]bulk sms nigeria bulk sms nigeria, multitexter bulk sms[/caption]

This entry was posted in blog on Aug 30, 2018.

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