Sending Bulk SMS in Nigeria

Best Bulk SMS site in Nigeria with Instant Delivery Reports

What Bulk SMS Can Do For Your Business In Nigeria 1

bulk sms nigeria
  • Send SMS with Your Website or Short Url
It is usually stressful to start typing a website or url from an advert on billboardĀ or TV. But when you send a bulk SMS that includes your url link, your recipieints can easily click the link to direct them to your online store or payment page on your website. You can promote and advertise your special discounts iusing bulk sms especially with over 95% open rate based on studies and statistics.
  • Send SMS to 100-10,000 Contacts at Once
With bulk sms or bulk text messaging, you can send One-page SMS to multiple contacts at the same time.
  • How Do I Get Started?
Open a bulk sms accoount on Multitexter. Buy the SMS units and start sending your text messages in bulk  

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