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How To Send Bulk SMS With Your Sender ID in 2020

How To Send Bulk SMS With Your Sender ID in 2020

How To Send Bulk SMS With Your Sender ID in 2020

A sender ID is a unique name or number that shows in the “from” field and as the source of the message when it is received.

Rather than have your messages delivered with a system-generated number, you can select your desired company, brand or campaign name as your Sender ID. This way, your customers will immediately be able to recognise who the text message is from, thereby reducing the possibility of ignoring your message if otherwise sent with an unknown number.

Now you don’t only get to customise your message, but also your Sender ID.

You can get your sender ID on our platform in 4 simple steps:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click to “Compose SMS” on the right panel
  3. Click on “Register yours here” to request for your sender ID 
  4. Input your desired Sender ID and voila!   Ready to get your SMS message branded today? Apply for your free Sender ID here.

You can select as many Sender IDs as you wish. will save all your verified Sender IDs so you can use them again in your future campaigns.

Please note that Sender ID registration is approved only on weekdays and takes 48 hours to activate across all telcos in your country. If you need to try out the SMS feature during weekends without an approved ID, please make use of any of our default IDs.

Don’t have an account with us? Sign up now and start sending messages from your company or brand name.